FC Jalat Jalat
The Club

Founded on: 13.11.1999
Registration: 28.11.2000
Members: ca. 20
Home city: Helsinki
Home pitch: Latokartano Sports Hall

Chairman: Jussi Vatilo
Vice-chairman: Jaakko Hänninen
Secretary: Joonas Huhtakangas

Team leader: Jussi Vatilo
Coach: Miika Kabata

FC Jalat Jalat was officially founded November 28th 2000 when charter of foundation was signed and sent to National Board of Patents and Registrations. However the club was in existence before that and the founding date of FC Jalat Jalat is considered to be the date of first offical match, November 13th 1999.

The club has two teams - one in Division 4 and one in sunday league. It has about 20 members and about 20 more players, who are in training ring only.

Best Achivements

2nd place in Helsinki district Sunday league (09/10 & 10/11)
4th round in Finnish Futsal Cup in 05/06 (last 32)
7th place in Finnish Student Championships 2002
semifinal in Boca tournament (2003 & 2004)
2nd place in RollaatorBall 2006 tournament
2nd place in Helsinki district mini-football league (2009)