FC Jalat Jalat
The Club

Founded on: 13.11.1999
Registration: 28.11.2000
Members: ca. 20
Home city: Helsinki
Home pitch: Latokartano Sports Hall

Chairman: Jussi Vatilo
Vice-chairman: Jaakko Hänninen
Secretary: Joonas Huhtakangas

Team leader: Jussi Vatilo
Coach: Miika Kabata

And so it began...

FC Jalat Jalat began from idea of Erno Hentonen and Jussi Vatilo in spring of 1999. Both had moved from Kemi to study, which left football more or less to the background. Still, both wanted to play again and the new and unknown futsal sounded interesting. Thus we started planning in order to participate in a futsal league.

The idea was to gather a team from old friends that had moved to Helsinki from Kemi. A couple of local additions were needed in the end. Now we had our own club!

First season

Futsal was still a very new sport in Finland when FC Jalat Jalat started its journey. It was only the second season for leagues organized by Helsinki district of Finnish FA. Because we had no money to pay for the player licences, we decided to join sunday league.

When the first match in the league started, some of us hadn't seen each other before and the rules of futsal were mostly a mystery. From that point of view the 0-6 defeat was pretty good result.

As the season progressed, we started to learn the tricks of futsal - usually the hard way. First season ended with 2 wins, 1 draw and 8 defeats. We also participated in a tournament, but lost all 3 matches.

Despite of setbacks, futsal was fun and we were hooked. Next summer many of joined a new football team, Otaniemen Jyllääjät, in division 6. The founder was one of the member of FC Jalat Jalat, Markku Huotari.


We needed a regular training session, but private courts were expensive and municipal courts could only be granted to registered clubs. Thus before the start of next season the official constitutive meeting of FC Jalat Jalat was held on November 19th, 2000. The rules of the club and the first board were decided. Charter of foundation was signed on the November 28th, 2000. Our application dissappeared into the wheels of bureacracy and finally after one rules revisal the application was approved in May 2001.

We got the training session from the city for the season 2001/2002 (our third). Since then our friday night fun has been futsal.

Student Championships

In spring of 2002 FC Jalat Jalat decided to see what was the level in Futsal Finnish Student Championships. We underestimated the level quite drastically - couple of Futsal premier league players and one national team player participated in the tournament.

Despite of great fighting spirit, we lost all 6 matches. The best was 2-5 (1-2) defeat in the first match against the soon-to-be silver medalists.

To the division 3

Most of FC Jalat Jalat players had already been playing in division 3 for many years in Otaniemen Jyllääjät in addition to our sunday league team. Finally we decided to join division 3 with our own club (and continue in sunday league as before).

Our aim is to achieve promotion but only time will tell if FC Jalat Jalat can gain it or hold the place as new divisions are added below ours.