FC Jalat Jalat

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Sparta Brahe - FC Jalat Jalat/25-3
FC Jalat Jalat/2 - AC Karhuryhmä3-0

FC Jalat Jalat is a Finnish amateur futsal club founded in autumn 1999. The club used to play with two teams - first team in Division 3 and 4, and reserve team in top tier of the Sunday League. Now the activity is focused only on the Sunday League where the club originally started. In addition to that FC Jalat Jalat has participated in national Futsal Cup and has organized the Finnish University Futsal Championships twice.

Best achievements of the club are two runner-up places in the top tier of the Sunday League and fourth round on the national Futsal Cup. Read more from the club history section.

Season 2016/2017:
League table, Sunday League championship division