FC Jalat Jalat

Schedule - Reserve team

05.11.16, Hakaniemi AC 4
10:00KY United - FC JJ/23-1
12.11.16, Hakaniemi AC 3
13:45FC JJ/2 - Kruunun Urheilijat1-2
26.11.16, Hakaniemi AC 3
15:45Pohjolan Hurjin - FC JJ/27-2
03.12.16, Merihaka
19:00FC JJ/2 - FC Pelifiilis6-9
14.01.17, Hakaniemi AC 4
13:15AC Karhuryhmä - FC JJ/24-2
21.01.17, Hakaniemi AC 4
16:45FC JJ/2 - Sparta Brahe0-5
28.01.17, Merihaka
18:15FC JJ/2 - KY United1-1
04.02.17, Merihaka
18:15Kruunun Urheilijat - FC JJ/24-6
11.02.17, Hakaniemi AC 3
16:15FC JJ/2 - AC Tali1-6
18.02.17, Hakaniemi AC 4
14:00FC JJ/2 - Pohjolan Hurjin3-4
25.02.17, Merihaka
18:00FC Pelifiilis - FC JJ/28-2
04.03.17, Hakaniemi AC 4
18:45AC Tali - FC JJ/23-3
11.03.17, Hakaniemi AC 4
16:00FC JJ/2 - AC Karhuryhmä3-0
18.03.17, Hakaniemi AC 3
12:00Sparta Brahe - FC JJ/25-3

"First team" of FC Jalat Jalat used to play in 4th division of Helsinki district (lowest division being 5th). We were in 3rd division since 2003/2004, when we started to play in our own name. At the start of 2011/2012 season league was restructured and 3rd division became 4th.

2011/20124th div10/122W 1D 8L
2010/20113rd div4/115W 1D 4L
2009/20103rd div8/124W 0D 7L
2008/20093rd div11/122W 3D 6L
2007/20083rd div9/124W 0D 8L
2006/20073rd div9/124W 3D 4L
2005/20063rd div9/123W 2D 6L
2004/20053rd div6/123W 4D 4L
2003/20043rd div9/123W 3D 5L

Futsal Cup
2009/20102nd round1W 1L
2007/20082nd round1W 1L
2006/20071st round0W 1L
2005/20064th round2W 1L
2004/20052nd round0W 1L

Sunday league team has been playing since the formation of the league in 1999. When Jalat Jalat started there were only 36 teams divided into 3 groups in the league. In season 2011/2012 Sunday league contains three tiers and 170 teams. Jalat Jalat plays in the highest tier. The team has a lot of futsal traditions and the goal is play without the seriousness of division futsal. Many of the players are the same as in first team.

Sunday League
2015/2016group9/123W 2D 6L
2014/2015group5/93W 2D 3L
2013/2014group4/117W 0D 3L
2012/20133rd1/108W 1D 2L
2011/2012group3/84W 0D 3L
2010/2011runner-up2/98W 2D 2L
2009/2010runner-up4/98W 1D 3L
2008/2009quarter-final2/79W 2D 3L
2007/2008group6/124W 5D 2L
2006/2007group4/125W 3D 3L
2005/2006group7/124W 2D 5L
2004/2005group5/126W 2D 3L
2003/2004playoff 1st rnd3/128W 1D 3L
2002/2003group10/122W 3D 6L
2001/2002group3/127W 2D 2L
2000/2001group7/124W 3D 4L
1999/2000group10/122W 1D 8L